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UNESCO Global Media and Literacy (MIL) Week: Media and Information Literacy (MIL) workshop in Cape Town, SA

Media and Information Literacy tools which promote an understanding of media content and the production and use of media, with everyday applications.

Trusted to Make a Difference: Governing a non-governmental organisation

WHAT’S INSIDE: This workbook supports the effort to build trust in non-governmental organisations, both internally and externally, in order to be more effective.

ITF Youth Pack: Helping Unions to Help Organise Young Workers

WHAT’S INSIDE: A guide on how to organise and promote young worker activism. It is aimed at unionists who are seeking to strengthen their union by carrying out work with young people.

2019 ITUC Global Rights Index: The World’s Worst Countries for Workers

WHAT’S INSIDE: This is the sixth edition of the ITUC Global Rights Index. It documents violations of internationally recognised labour rights by governments and employers.

World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends 2019

WHAT’S INSIDE: This report provides an overview of global and regional trends in employment, unemployment, labour force participation and productivity.

Trade Unions in the Balance

WHAT’S INSIDE: A working paper by the ILO which looks at the challenges facing trade unions, and suggest four future scenarios.

Financial Reporting: 15 Key Terms to Get You Started

WHAT’S INSIDE: A guide to the tools for understanding the basics of financial reporting, which unions and shop stewards will come across specifically when bargaining for employee wages.

How to deal with the pain of others: Tips for educators, facilitators and researchers

WHAT’S INSIDE: An article which acknowledges the vicarious trauma which can be experienced by those working with trauma survivors, including victims of sexual harassment and gender based violence.

Building Bridges not Walls: The Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report on migration, displacement and education

WHAT’S INSIDE: A publication by UNESCO which calls on countries to see education as a tool to manage migration and displacement and an opportunity for those needing one.

Women in Labour History

WHAT’S INSIDE: From championing better workplace conditions to cutting back the 12-hour day to demanding equal pay across racial lines, this web guide features a few of the women who have contributed to the labour movement in America.

Félagsmálaskóli alþýðu – The Shopsteward’s Handbook

WHAT’S INSIDE: A guide to the role of shopstewards, including the social and civil rights of employees.

Collective Bargaining and Workers’ Rights in the Workplace

WHAT’S INSIDE: A basic presentation that explains what collective bargaining is, and how to prepare for collective bargaining.

Future of Work in Sri Lanka: Shaping technology transitions for a brighter future

WHAT’S INSIDE: A study which asks what impact will emerging technologies have on the future world of work in Sri Lanka? Who will be the winners and losers and what can governments, industry, and citizens do to prepare for the changes that lie ahead?

Organising Manual

WHAT’S INSIDE: The ITF organising manual is for trade union educators and activists who want to develop and strengthen their organising skills.

Sacudir la indiferencia: Nuestras realidades como trabajadoras del servicio domestic

WHAT’S INSIDE: This booklet looks at the realities and challenges that face domestic workers in Colombia, and what can be done to improve the situation.

Labor Writes 2015: We are the City

WHAT’S INSIDE: A collection of essays, poetry and artwork by a diverse range of students in the Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Center for Labor Studies at SUNY Empire State College in New York.

A quantum leap for gender equality: For a better future of work for all

WHAT’S INSIDE: A report arising from the ground-breaking work done by the ILO’s Women at Work Centenary Initiative, which highlights key gender gaps and obstacles to decent work for women.

Estrategias y Herramientas de Comunicacion / Communication Strategies and Tools

WHAT’S INSIDE: A course which aims to develop effective communication skills using basic tools and information technology.

Financial Education for SEWA Bank Members

WHAT’S INSIDE: A booklet for SEWA members to engage in a number of learning activities to discover how to financially plan.

An inclusive Europe – Co-creating young peoples’ vision for the future of Europe – facilitation guide

WHAT’S INSIDE: A series of workshop facilitation guides which provide a step-by-step methodology to develop radical policy ideas for the future of Europe.

Story of a Journey Across Europe: From First Reception to Integration of Immigrants

WHAT’S INSIDE: An assessment of the different steps, difficulties and challenges that economic and humanitarian migrants must overcome during their journey across Europe.

Social Protection in the Grassroots Perspective: A Training Manual

WHAT’S INSIDE: An educational tool that grassroots organisers can use to build up workers’ awareness of social protection in the current economic context.

Bullying and Harassment Training

WHAT’S INSIDE: A handbook for dealing with bullying and harassment in the workplace, including male-dominated work spaces.

Hearing the Unheard: A Process of Learning, Challenging and Moving Forward

WHAT’S INSIDE? A collection of life stories by women involved in Labour Education Foundation (LEF) projects, and how their lives have benefited.

Workshop on Occupational Safety and Health for Women Workers’ Educators

WHAT’S INSIDE: A comprehensive report on a workshop held in Thailand to document and discuss issues of health and safety for women workers.

Cultura & Trabajo: Salud Y Trabajo

WHAT’S INSIDE: An interdisciplinary and global reflection that raises questions of health and labor in Colombia and Latin America.

Barefoot Guide to Working with Organisations and Social Change

WHAT’S INSIDE: A practical, do-it-yourself guide for leaders and facilitators wanting to help organisations to function and to develop in more healthy, human and effective ways.