The gender pay gap in the health and care sector

THEME: Gender Equality

TITLE: The gender pay gap in the health and care sector: A global analysis in the time of Covid-19

PUBLISHED BY: International Labour Organisation (ILO)

WHO IS THIS FOR: Covid-19 has shone a light on the critical importance of health and care workers. It also exposed the extent of inequalities workers in this highly feminised sector have been facing for decades. Notable among these inequalities is a Gender Pay Gap. It is for this reason that the International Labour Organization and the World Health Organization co-developed the first ever global sectoral gender pay gap report.

This report aims to drive commitment to integrated policy action on improving gender equality, decent work and economic growth and good health and wellbeing. In particular, the report shows that whereas the health and care sector remain a major source of employment for women worldwide (they represent 67 per cent of workers in the sector), women nevertheless suffer a double jeopardy: average earnings in the sector are lower than other sectors, and a 24 per cent gender pay gap, which is, on average, higher than in non-health sectors. Union leaders, community activists and those working in the field of health and care will benefit from this publication.

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The gender pay gap in the health and care sector