The Road to Decent Work for Domestic Workers

THEME: Precarious and informal work

TITLE: The Road to Decent Work for Domestic Workers

PUBLISHED BY: International Labour Organisation (ILO)

WHO IS THIS FOR: Domestic workers play an invaluable role in many societies, providing essential direct and indirect care services to private households. As care workers, they work at the foundation of our families, societies and economies.

However, their contributions have often been undervalued. An ILO report, published in 2021 found that 81 per cent of domestic workers were informally employed, due either to gaps in legal coverage or gaps in implementation. Yet the growing global need for care services means that the demand for domestic workers is likely to grow. The question is, under what conditions?

This report serves as a concise summary of the in-depth research conducted in 2021. It presents key findings, country-level good practices, and detailed methodological advice. In Chapter 5, it presents a novel 5 step strategy that will guide policymakers, employers, and organisations, providing practical solutions to empower and improve the lives of domestic workers worldwide. At each step, reference is also made to ways in which the ILO can provide technical assistance. Organisations and unions working with domestic workers and in the informal economy will find this useful.

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The Road to Decent Work for Domestic Workers