Essential Public Services, Essential Workers’ Health

THEME: Occupational Health and Safety

 TITLE: Essential Public Services, Essential Workers’ Health

PUBLISHED BY: International Transport Workers Federation (ITF)

WHO IS THIS FOR:  In interviews and focus groups, public transport workers have described how the pandemic and associated lockdowns exacerbated existing work stressors while introducing new harms. The failure to deal with underlying mental health hazards during ‘normal’ times opened the door to increased harms during the Covid-19 crisis. Worse still, workers described how some employers and governments took advantage of the pandemic to force through changes which eroded conditions for workers, triggering serious ramifications for mental health

This report showcases the research carried out on behalf of the ITF on the mental health of public transport workers, with a focus on young workers. The research carried out during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021-22 shows its impact on young workers and the actions needed to protect their mental health.

It is available in several languages.

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Essential Public Services, Essential Workers’ Health