Foundation Skills for Social Change

What We Do

The IFWEA Foundation Skills for Social Change (FSSC) certificate programme is aimed at grassroots leaders in trade unions and community organisations. The courses, designed by IFWEA affiliates with specific expertise, are user-friendly, relevant and practical. They provide the tools to build educational, organising and mobilising skills as grassroots leaders.

2023 courses

IFWEA courses for 2023, which include training on how to use Google docs and sheets, how to run a Whatsapp course and more, are ongoing. Download the full list of courses and how to sign up here at IFWEA Activities for 2023.

How do IFWEA courses work?

FSSC courses consist of a combination of online interactions in workshop sessions using IFWEA’s Online Labour Academy (OLA). This is a platform where educators and participants can access materials, do assignments and exchange feedback. All courses are pre-tested. Some FSSC courses are also run offline, such as photographic and cultural workshops.

FSSC certificates

Certificates are issued online by the IFWEA Secretariat on completion of a course, indicating that the participant has accomplished the selected learning objectives. The certificate also acknowledges that the participant has contributed to the building of a global knowledge community of worker educators through sharing their experiences and understanding.

How do I sign up?

To explore OLA and register as a participant, click here and follow the instructions. To register on OLA you must have a working email account.

Contributing to the FSSC certificate programme

If you have an innovative course to offer that targets grassroots leaders, IFWEA offers financial support to design and pilot the course on OLA.


To find out more, please contact Saliem Patel (Programme Manager) at or Renaldi Prinsloo (IFWEA Education Online Curriculum Developer) at