Global Rights Index 2023

THEME: Building Democratic Trade Unions

 TITLE: Global Rights Index 2023

 PUBLISHED BY: International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)

 WHO IS THIS FOR:  The 10th edition of the authoritative Global Rights Index shows that the global cost-of-living crisis has been met with a crackdown on the rights of working people in every region of the world. The Global Rights Index is published by ITUC and records labour rights rights abuses and national ratings that can be viewed by country and region. As a comprehensive review of workers’ rights in law that ranks 149 countries, it is the only database of its kind.

The 2023 Index shows that key measures of violations of workers’ rights have reached record highs, recording that “across both high-income and low-income countries, as working people have faced a historic cost-of-living crisis and spiralling inflation driven by corporate greed, governments have cracked down on the right to collectively negotiate wage rises and take strike action.” The index provides crucial information to those working in the progressive labour movement, including educators, journalists, policy makers, shop stewards and more.

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Human Rights Index 2023