Global Rights Index 2022

THEME: Collective Bargaining and Workers’ Rights in the Workplace

TITLE: Global Rights Index 2022

PUBLISHED BY: International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)

WHO IS THIS FOR: This ninth edition of the Index ranks 148 countries by their respect for workers’ rights. As a comprehensive review of workers’ rights in law, it is the only database of its kind. Cases of violations and national ratings can be viewed by country and region. According to the 2022 edition of the flagship Global Rights Index, key measures of abuse of workers’ rights have reached record highs. Workers are on the front line of multiple and extraordinary crises: historic levels of inequality, the climate emergency, a pandemic destroying lives and livelihoods, and conflicts with devastating domestic and global impacts.

The Global Rights Index 2022 exposes how this instability is being exploited with so many governments and employers attacking workers’ rights. This is essential reading for labour activists, worker educators, policy researchers and trade union leaders.

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Global Rights Index 2022