ITUC Global Rights Index 2021

THEME: Collective Bargaining and Workers’ Rights in the Workplace

TITLE: ITUC Global Rights Index 2021

PUBLISHED BY: ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation)

WHO IS THIS FOR: The Covid-19 pandemic has devastated jobs, communities and lives. Governments and employers have exploited the pandemic to dismiss workers who exposed vital information about the spread of the virus in workplaces; violated collective bargaining rights; increased surveillance of workers and undermined the right to privacy; and restricted free speech and assembly.

The 2021 Global Rights Index documents a shameful roll call of governments and companies who have pursued an anti-union agenda in the face of workers who have stood on the front line providing essential work to keep economies and communities functioning. This report will be useful for trade union leadership, worker educators and community activists.

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ITUC Global Rights Index 2021