Organising Manual

THEME: Building Democratic Trade Unions

TITLE: Organising Manual

LANGUAGE: English / French / German / Spanish / Portuguese / Turkish

WHO IS THIS FOR? The ITF organising manual is for trade union educators and activists who want to develop and strengthen their organising skills. The manual contains real organising examples of ITF unions.

Educators will find these materials useful if they want to engage workers in resolving a work-place problem, prepare for difficult negotiations, strengthen the union presence in works councils, or plan for a strike. These organising materials are meant to be used any time one wants to increase the involvement of workers, whether working to win union recognition for the very first time or to increase member participation in a unionised workplace.

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ENGLISH  Manual.pdf  /  العربية  .pdf  / FRENCH Manual.pdf / GERMAN Manual.pdf /  PORTUGUÊS Manual.pdf / SPANISH Manual.pdf / TURKISH Manual.pdf