Online Labour Academy (OLA)


Welcome to the IFWEA Online Labour Academy. We simply call it OLA!

OLA was established in 2012 to develop workers’ education in the 21st century.
OLA enables global collaboration among education organizations and worker-educators to design and deliver courses for grassroots leaders of democratic worker organisations.
OLA helps IFWEA to build global solidarity in the context of 21st-century precarity through creating a global Knowledge Community.

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Why online education programmes?

Online education programmes make education offered by IFWEA affiliates more accessible (especially during the global Covid-19 pandemic, when travel and face-to-face meetings were extremely limited). Through OLA, IFWEA is building a knowledge community of labour and community educators who share their curricula, materials and pedagogy, improving the quality and the range of education that can be offered to the global labour movement.

What programmes are covered by OLA?

In addition to courses being delivered by affiliates to their constituencies, IFWEA uses OLA to host all the courses in the Foundation Skills for Social Change certificate programme, the Study Circles for Social Change programme, and the Youth Globalisation Awareness (YGAP) programme. Find out more below.

Training for educators

IFWEA offers training for educators to design and deliver courses using OLA, and will mentor and provide technical assistance to educators running the courses. If you are interested in designing and delivering courses using OLA, please contact the IFWEA secretariat at

A list of courses designed by affiliates can be viewed in the Affiliates section of OLA. If you are interested in viewing any of them, participating in them, or teaching them in your organisation, please contact the IFWEA secretariat at

How to register on OLA

Participants in courses have to register on OLA before they can be enrolled in a course. Participants must have a working email account. To register, click here and follow the instructions.

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OLA is available for all affiliates to design and run their own online courses with IFWEA’s support. Do you want your own online education platform? Contact IFWEA E-Learning Developer Melanie Julie at