Calls and Campaigns

HKCTU: Times of Turbulence, Our Call to Resistance

Workplaces have now become a place loaded with shifting and never-ending coercion. People of different professions have to tip-toe their way during work, the tension comparable to the Cultural Revolution. In the name of the pandemic, those in power are stripping away the freedoms of Hong Kong’s people. Read more

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SOLIDAR releases statement on Palestine

SOLIDAR has expressed deep concern about “what is happening in the tormented land of Palestine.” SOLIDAR calls on the European Union and the heads of government who care about peace and coexistence between Palestinians and Israelis to take diplomatic and political action in the frame of the United Nations. Read more

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Quality and sustainable jobs

In commemorating May Day 2021, SOLIDAR celebrates the international workers’ movement and trade unions’ work to achieve social justice all around the world, and joins the call to make quality and sustainable jobs creation a central objective. Read more

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