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Feb 29

Palestine: Global Unions Call for Unified Action

February 2024 – Statement by the Council of Global Unions:

The Global Unions signatory note the International Court of Justice (ICJ) Order issued in the case filed by South Africa against Israel regarding the application of the Genocide Convention in the Gaza Strip, which demonstrates the vital importance of the international rule of law and effective enforcement.

The ICJ’s binding provisional measures address the urgent need to protect and prevent further harm to the Gazan population. The ICJ and the convention exist to protect human rights and the safety of vulnerable people and rely on the support of the international community. Now is the time to amplify trust in the international legal order.

The Global Unions emphasise the gravity of the situation. Our members in Gaza are being killed while they go about their work including teachers, healthcare workers, transport workers, journalists, UN staff, international aid workers and many others.

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Picture credit: Open Canada

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