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Mar 04

ITUC launches For Democracy campaign

February/March 2024 – In an historic year when more than four billion people will go to the polls, the ITUC has launched its For Democracy campaign, aiming to unify the power of working people towards a trade union vision for democracy.

ITUC General Secretary Luc Triangle said: “Democracy around the world is critically ill. We see a rise in authoritarianism, far-right ideologies, malign corporate influence on politics and the undermining of workers’ rights.

“But trade unions of working people have the capacity to heal democracy, and a vision to rejuvenate it. This campaign will rally the collective power of workers’ trade unions worldwide to advocate for democratic values and worker rights, starting in the workplace and continuing to the level of global institutions.

“Together, we can shape a world that values democracy, justice and equality for all.”

The For Democracy campaign will focus on three levels of democracy:

  • Democracy at work: Emphasising the fundamental workers’ rights of freedom of association, collective bargaining and the right to strike; to empower workers in their workplaces.
  • Democracy in society: Advocating for freedom of speech, equitable tax systems, gender equality, social protection and quality public services, and challenging the dominance of corporate interests and far-right ideologies.
  • Democracy at a global level: Calling for reform of international economic structures to prioritise human rights, a just global financial system, equitable cooperation among nations and peaceful common security.

Luc Triangle added: “In the face of growing challenges to democracy and worker rights, it is imperative that we unite across borders to ensure that our voices are heard. We can push back against the rise of the far right and other threats to our democracy by mobilising trade unions worldwide to demand a New Social Contract with democratic values and workers’ rights, to demand a fair and just global society.”

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