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Mar 26

Keeping hope for democracy alive in Myanmar

March 2024 – Despite enduring immense hardship and repression from the military junta in Myanmar, unionists, public sector workers, and teachers persistently resist military rule and advocate for democracy. Emphasizing the steadfastness of union opposition to the military leadership, multiple Global Union Federations, such as Education International, have published a report shedding light on the workers’ challenges, the Myanmar Spring Revolution, and the pivotal importance of trade union solidarity.

“The international community cannot stand by and watch the military junta continue to perpetuate serious human and labour rights violations. Over the past three years, countless lives and livelihoods have been lost. It is important for us to intensify our efforts in pressuring national governments and multinational companies to sever all ties that directly and indirectly benefit the junta, and to show our solidarity with the people of Myanmar.” – Anand Singh, Regional Director, EI Asia-Pacific Regional Office

The study represents a collaborative initiative involving the Building and Woodworkers Federation of Myanmar (BWFM), the Confederation of Trade Union Myanmar (CTUM), as well as regional chapters of Building and Woodworkers International (BWI), UNI, EI, and IndustriALL. Additionally, this comprehensive 11-page document delves into the steadfast resolve of workers toward achieving a democratic and inclusive future in Myanmar.

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