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Oct 31

Call to “Make Amazon Pay”

October 2023 – As the world’s sixth largest company, Amazon has long been under scrutiny for its exploitative and destructive practices in the name of maximizing profits. From the mistreatment of its warehouse workers to the destruction of local ecosystems, the company’s actions have had a huge social and environmental cost.

In response to these concerns, a growing number of labour, environmental, anti-racism, data-rights and progressive tax groups have been working together to hold Amazon accountable for its actions. The Make Amazon Pay movement, which is backed by hundreds of elected officials around the world and is attracting growing support, is co-convened by UNI Global Union and the Progressive International.

Amazon’s profits tripled in the last quarter, with revenue reaching US$143.1bn. The company controls around one-third of the world’s cloud computing infrastructure.

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Picture credit: ITUC

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