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Oct 07

Celebrating 10 Years of YGAP

IFWEA’s unique Youth Globalisation Awareness Programme (YGAP) turns ten in 2021.

Each year, young staff members drawn from IFWEA affiliates or associated labour organisations have come to Cape Town, South Africa to be immersed in a learning experience that includes passionate, participative workshops, and internships at host organisations. For many, this shapes the direction they will take as future worker educators who can work together and provide the global labour movement with the education required to tackle the challenges of the 21st century.

We’ve put together a series of interviews and background stories on the what, how, where and who of YGAP. We also invite you browse the Postcards video series. Each year, participants in YGAP put together a presentation on their experiences and learnings whilst on the programme. These “postcards from South Africa” form a special testimony to the way young worker activists, educators and leaders are immersed in an interactive, learning environment. They also form part of their feedback to their home country organisations.

In 2020, and once again in 2021, YGAP will be an online experience due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. (No postcards were produced in 2020.) To find out more about YGAP 2021 and to sign up, click here

Linnéa Wennberg

“What a privilege it has been to be part of the YGAP coordinating team,” says Linnéa Wennberg from Sweden ABF. She tells us how this came about, and what she does, here

Dennis Yaw Atuwo

Dennis Yaw Atuwo from Ghana attended YGAP in 2018. “It was great to meet people from different countries and continents, and I learnt from something from everybody.” Read more here

Milla Leppänen 

Milla Leppänen is from Finland. She has remained in contact with IFWEA since her first experience in 2013, and was recently back in South Africa for an internship. Read more here

Nqobizitha Nyakunu

Nqobizitha Nyakunu from Zimbabwe attended YGAP in 2016, and says he has brothers from the course from around the world, whom he still communicates and shares a laugh with. Read more here

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