Dennis Yaw Atuwo
YGAP Class of 2018


dennis pic 2

Dennis Yaw Atuwo from Ghana attended YGAP in 2018, and says it was great to meet people from different countries and continents, and that he learnt from something from everybody.

When you attended YGAP, what organisation were you with?

I was with UNI Africa.

What are you doing now?

I am currently employed by Ghana Health Service as a Health Information Officer and the current Chairman of the National Youth Council of TUC, Ghana.

What would you say was the most important thing/s you learnt from YGAP?

  • Organizing through music and dance
  • Designing posters for campaigns
  • Trade Union songs and slogans

What did you enjoy most?

My best experience was the internship with the Sakhisizwe Youth Development Programme, a South African after-school programme that offers mentorship, academic support, and healthy living, through sports, life skill workshops amongst others with emphasis on spirituality and creativity.

I also enjoyed the Amazing Race Challenge which allowed my team and I to tour the amazing City of Cape Town and its environs. I got to eat Ox lung for the very first time, played a game of cricket and held a snake in my hands – stuff I would originally not dream of ever doing! We placed second in the Amazing Race Challenge by a very close margin.

It was also really nice to meet people from different tribes, religions, traditions, countries and continents and I got to learn a thing or two from each and every one.

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