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Feb 22

2022 IFWEA Courses

IFWEA courses for 2022 include training on digital tools and methods, and participatory online pedagogy.  We also have new and updated self-paced courses offering admin skills, how to use OLA and more. Below you can find more information on the courses, when they will run, how long they will take, and how you can sign up.

Training of trainers: Digital tools and methods for online trade union activities


The aim of this course is to provide trade union educators and grassroot leaders with digital knowledge to conduct online trade union activities like meetings, workshops, study circles, forums, webinars and courses. These activities are important for deepening democracy in our organisations and the course will introduce participants to a range of practical tools and methods in a participatory, interactive and open space for learning and sharing.

The course runs for eight weeks with weekly online workshops and group work that require two hours a week. The course is supported by DGB BW. To learn more about the course, watch our short introductory video here.


Participants should have some knowledge of using the internet, have internet access and be in possession of a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer to participate in weekly workshops and complete online exercises.

DATE:  23 May – 31 July 2022

HOURS: Participants are required to commit two hours a week over two months to complete the course work.

APPLY HERE: https://forms.gle/ZbQHS2hQQwRnSo9L9

Participatory Online Pedagogy (POP) Certificate Course


The course aims to develop a deeper understanding of the uses and abuses of participatory online methods in workers’ education with a focus on the relationship between solidarity and online participatory pedagogy. It provides participants the opportunity to critically evaluate their role as worker educators to empower members and value their lived experiences.


Participants should have experience of conducting at least one online education activity and be interested in sharing and learning from other worker educators how to improve participatory online education for membership based organisations and trade unions.

*Internet access and being in possession of a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer is necessary.

DATE: 26 September – 4 November 2022

HOURS: This course will run for six weeks with a weekly workshop and group activities. Participants are required to spend three hours a week on the course.

APPLY HERE: Application Form 2022- Participatory Online Pedagogy (POP) Certificate Course (google.com)

The Youth Globalisation Awareness Programme (YGAP)


YGAP is an annual exposure and exchange programme for young staff members of IFWEA affiliates and partner trade unions. YGAP is a transformational learning experience to deepen the understanding of participants of the shared values of the labour movement and its role in building solidarity in the current global context. YGAP prepares participants to become part of the global knowledge community to tackle the challenges facing workers’ education in the 21st century.


Young educators, trade union and youth leaders between the ages of 18-35 years, who are computer literate, and are committed to building a democratic labour movement

* Participants should have internet access and be in possession of a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.

DATE: 17 – 21 October 2022

HOURS: This programme runs online for one week for four hours per day.

APPLY HERE: https://forms.gle/dg9RVvAGr3UzoGVNA

  • Applicants will receive an email response to their application within a week after submitting the application.
  • Courses are run in English; however participants are encouraged to use their home language in online assignments.

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How to Design and Run an Online Course (completed April 2022)

This course was completed in April 2022. See what participants had to say about their experiences:

  • “This course is definitely useful for those who need to navigate the online space” – Britt Baatjes from WIEGO. See what she had to say here
  • “Because this course is online therefore convenient to anyone, especially workers” – Octavia Mohlala, Operations Manager at UNI Africa. She talks more here


This course aims to provide trade union educators with the knowledge to design and run an online course with members of their organisation.

Participants will be introduced to the basic building blocks for creating your own online course on the IFWEA Online Labour Academy (OLA) using participatory and interactive methods that encourage members to become active through online workers’ education. The course includes a practical where you will design a course in your home language and run it with members. You will be able to amend the course and use it for future training of members as often as you can.


Participants should have knowledge about using the internet and have a course concept to set up as an online course that they will run with members of their organisation.

*Participants should have internet access and be in possession of a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.

DATE: 22 March – 26 April 2022

HOURS: This course runs for four weeks with weekly online workshops and requires three hours a week.

APPLY HERE: https://forms.gle/5AQ7deC6tBFhMaDv5

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