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May 07

Britt Baatjes designs for WIEGO

Britt Baatjes is currently on a contract with the WIEGO School, and decided to sign up for How to Design an Online Course with IFWEA. She speaks about her experience:

 How did you get involved in the course?

I got a contract with WIEGO in February 2022 to coordinate the Africa component of the WIEGO School (which is online). I was told about the How to Design an Online Course training by Vanessa Pillay and I jumped at the opportunity.

What did you decide to design? 

I designed a course for the WIEGO School (Africa). The aims, objectives and topics were already decided upon by WIEGO and their partners/networks. I worked with those when designing.

How difficult/easy did you find the course?

I found it fairly easy, although I did have some technical issues (I am not very tech savvy). Renaldi Prinsloo, IFWEA Educator and Coordinator of the course helped me enormously with this. I spent a lot of time one-on-one with Renaldi via WhatsApp.

What did you most enjoy about the course?

Realising that OLA/Moodle is not that difficult! I started by referring to it as “Moodle Blues!” But Renaldi was simply fab – so helpful and so patient. I also enjoyed “meeting” people from around the world, even though the contact has been fairly limited.

Would you recommend the course for others – and if so, why?

Yes, it definitely is useful for those who need to navigate the online space. It is also fairly flexible, so one can certainly work at one’s own pace.

How will you use this course for your organisation?

I will be starting to teach from 18 May, through to July.

Please tell us more about your role in the organisation you work for?

I am currently on a five month contract with WIEGO, as the Africa Coordinator of the WIEGO School. The school is global (Asia and South America are also part of it).

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