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Jul 09

YGAP 2023 Bursaries

IFWEA is holding a bursary competition for YGAP 2023. Four bursaries are available which will cover course fees, air travel, meals, and accommodation for the immersive YGAP experience which will take place between 9 and 20 September 2023 in Cape Town, South Africa.

In order to enter the competition, you need to create an education for empowerment resource focusing on one of the following topics faced by organisations: (a) Conflict Management or (b) Building Relationships.

The resource can take any of the following forms: a talk, a story, a solo theatre act, a song, a piece of music, a comic strip, an artwork or a workshop programme. The resource should be original or designed by you and you should acknowledge people whose materials or works you used in the process of producing your resource.

Audio visual submissions should be between 1 – 3 minutes (definitely not more than 3 minutes!). IFWEA has only four bursaries and the judges will evaluate

(a.) the value of the message,

(b.) the value of the production and

(c.) the value of the form used to get the message across.

What is YGAP?

The IFWEA Youth Globalisation Awareness Programme (YGAP) is an annual exposure and exchange programme for young leaders drawn from IFWEA affiliates and the labour organisations who are their partners and beneficiaries of their services. The programme encourages collective learning and reflection through informed and purposeful interaction of the participants, who share their experiences and challenges as educators, labour representatives and organisers. It also includes study visits to organisations working and organising around critical issues relevant to marginalised communities.

Entrance Requirements

  1. The submission for the competition should be made no later than the 20th July 2023 and should include the completed Competition Entry Form as well as the original resource created for the competition.
  2. You must be under 35 years of age, have a valid passport to travel and be able to communicate in English.
  3. You should be working with a Category 4 IFWEA affiliate.
  4. You must be available to attend the two compulsory short online workshops in August and the full 10 day programme in Cape Town, South Africa (participants must arrive in CapeTown on 9 September and depart on 20 September 2023)
  5. You must be able to cover local travel costs.

The bursary covers: course fees, air travel, meals and accommodation.

How Do I Enter?

Click here and complete the competition entry form. The deadline for submission is 20 July 2023.

The following resources below from the University of Limerick Engage (an affiliate of IFWEA) and IFWEA will help you to get a better understanding of the two topics (Click on each to watch the videos):

  1. Conflict Management

1.1. Insights from the University of Limerick Engage Community research staff

1.2. Insights from IFWEA participants and educators

  1. Building Relationships

2.1. Insights from the University of Limerick Community Engage research staff

2.2. Insights from IFWEA participants and educators

For more information and the entry form email: shariefa@ifwea.org

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