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Jun 24

Women’s Leadership Course for 2021

The Global Women’s Leadership Course is a sixteen-hour course approved and certified by the IFWEA Online Academy. The course for 2021 is currently underway, with over 30 participants drawn from six countries – Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bolivia, India and Venezuela. Run by Namrata Bali, Director of the Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) in India, and Vice President of the IFWEA Executive Committee, the course also involves Project Leaders Renaldi Prinsloo and Reema Kapoor.

The course, which has been running successfully for several years, is based on SEWA’s theoretical and practical learnings. Participants are introduced to powerful concepts through  self-assessment, practice sessions, discussions and case studies of leaders, to provide a varied and engaging learning experience. Topics include Understanding Leadership, Women Empowerment, and Understanding Women’s Economic Position.

Look out for interviews with 2021 course participants, which will be posted on this website. And watch our video on the IFWEA Women’s Global Leadership Course 2020.

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