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Apr 06

UNI Global Union Publications

Three new publications have been released by UNI Global Union / Professionals and Managers (UNI P& M)

Algorithmic Management – A Trade Union Guide is a report which looks at the growing use of algorithmic management tools in workplaces across the globe. Its aim is to provide guidance for trade unions on how to approach negotiations over the development and application of these tools at work.

The position of this report is that while these new technologies offer both potential upsides and serious downsides for workers, trade unions can and should negotiate agreements about the introduction, application, and governance of any algorithmic management tools in the workplace.

Download the report here

Remote Work – The New Normal?  is a discussion paper that addresses the increase in remote workers during the global Covid-19 pandemic. Many employers who had been slow to adapt to the increased demand for remote work before the crisis – perhaps suspecting that work could not be done remotely or that employees would not work as hard if not monitored and supervised in an office environment – have now seen that remote working is indeed a viable solution in many cases. These employers can build upon their recent experiences and improve their work organization for the future.

Against this background, UNI P&M is proposing a list of items for trade unions to discuss and negotiate with employers around the world.

Download the discussion paper here

Right to Disconnect during Covid-19 maintains that a sound separation between work and leisure time is important, especially with more and more people working remotely, from their homes. While the flexibility to work from home allows employees to continue with their daily tasks, it’s also essential to respect the right to disconnect during these difficult times.

Download the guide here

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