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Sep 13

Sahra Ryklief: Lessons Learned in Transnational Solidarity

IFWEA General Secretary Sahra Ryklief has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged unions to re-energize and re-tool for today’s global ‘new normal.’ Unions must advocate not only for workers’ rights but act in solidarity with broader struggles for equality and social justice.

The essay, released on 30 August 2021, is entitled “Lessons Learned In Transnational Solidarity: Towards a Partnership of Equals.”

In concert with the US–Africa Bridge Building Project, General Secretary (GS) Ryklief has written a powerful essay that grabs readers by the shoulders and gives a shake. Her piece affirms the importance of a “21st Century model of international solidarity” as “fundamental to…the labour movement.” She also acknowledges that the keystone to international solidarity is “crafting a concerted response to the power relationship which invariably underlies all acts of solidarity.”

To read the full essay, click here

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