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Apr 09

Japhet Shida speaks about the IFWEA POP certificate course

Japhet Shida from Kenya has recently completed the IFWEA Popular Online Pedagogy (POP) certificate course, which is made up of three components: Education for EmpowermentHow to Design an Online Course, and How to Conduct a Study Circle. He speaks about his experience, and how he will use these new skills in his organisation:

My name is Japhet Shida, and I am working as railway staff in Kenya.  I am a youth representative at the railway workers union (RAWU-KENYA)

Why did you decide to do the POP certificate course?

I chose to do the POP certificate as it provides worker educators with the basic understanding and skills needed to empower other members of my trade union through online education

What did you hope to gain from the course?

On starting the course, I had hoped to gain the knowledge and skills needed to educate members of my trade union online. I am happy to have achieved this target.

Was it difficult or was there enough support?

Undertaking the three courses that make up the POP certificate was quite challenging but I personally owe it up to my facilitators/trainers for their dedication and full commitment to us throughout the course. I also personally want to thank IFWEA for coming up with the course and their support throughout.

How will you use this course now that you have completed it?

I intend to use all that I have learnt and gained from the course to impact on my trade union. Now that I know how to conduct a study circle, I am planning on conducting a study circle with my union members in the foreseeable future.  The skills I have learnt I hope to teach to my local constituents too. Simply put, we learn more, when we teach others.

What else would you like to learn as a course – is there more you would like to do?                                   

I would appeal to the organisers to keep up with the drafting of such courses, as they make today’s worker educators more prepared for the ever-changing workplace.

Would you recommend others to do the POP course?                                                                                     

I would definitely recommend others to do the course.

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