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Mar 23

IFWEA welcomes founding member the WEA United Kingdom for renewing their affiliation

“The WEA has had long-standing connections with IFWEA which have waned over the last couple of years.  On joining the WEA as CEO we have sought to rebuild our international connections.  We are both members of SOLIDAR and through this, myself and Sahra Ryklief have renewed the relationship leading to this application. I am interested in how we can work with other members and across the global network of like-minded organisations to provide lifelong learning opportunities to the individuals and communities that need those most.  I am interested in learning from, and sharing best practice with, other members and for us to ensure there is a strong voice for the adult learning movement with policymakers around the world. Perhaps now more than ever the issues that will affect us all are global.  Climate change and pandemics know no boundaries.  As individual states in many parts of the world (particularly in the west) continue to look in on themselves it is incumbent on organisations that are focussed on global social justice issues to work together to support those adversely affected by the changes we are and will see.  I very much hope that IFWEA, with WEA as a member, can play its role in highlighting the issues and supporting those at most risk from them.”

Simon Parkinson, General Secretary WEA UK.

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