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Apr 06

IFWEA Operational Plan 2021

IFWEA has released its Operational Plan for 2021, with a full programme of study circles, online training, education courses, research, and promotion of digital awareness and skills. Building on the lessons learnt in 2020, when IFWEA, alongside most other organisations globally, had to re-adjust annual plans due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the report takes into account the importance of digital knowledge for building solidarity.

In this plan the key activities for 2021 are spelt out under each of the three strategic objectives in the IFWEA strategic plan:

  • Advancing trade union policies on protections, regulations and livelihoods in the informal economy. This includes study circles on Convention 190, migrant worker’s rights and climate change; education activities for Global Union Federations (GUFs); and support on how to design and run online courses.
  • Developing methodologies and tools for action based workers’ education to bridge the digital divide. This includes piloting a Training of Online Trainers course; supporting the Women’s Leadership course, and developing content and materials for short courses which focus on understanding the importance of building alliance.
  • Improving IFWEA’s global voice and presence with global organisations, such as the GUFs, ITUC, UNESCO, ILO, SOLIDAR and other regional and global networks. Activity plans include using media and communication tools to promote affiliate programmes and campaigns; Hosting the GUFS’ Forums in Asia, Latin America and Africa and supporting activities that build solidarity between NGOs and trade unions; and holding a virtual YGAP event this year.

IFWEA aims to involve more than 700 participants in its programmes for 2021.

Download the IFWEA Education Programme presentation here

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