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Aug 04

IFWEA affiliate ITF launches new web tool

A new web tool that will help seafarers looking for jobs avoid slippery manning agents and cunning scammers has been launched by IFWEA affiliate International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF).

ITFShipBeSure.org  gives those looking for work on cargo or cruise ships the kind of insight they need to negotiate sound contracts. It features a directory of manning agents that have been rated by the ITF as either green (good to go) or red (best avoided). The site initially covers four countries that are major crew suppliers but will be expanded and eventually include much of the world. The launch countries are India, Indonesia, Myanmar and the Philippines.

“Every year, hundreds of seafarers are scammed or defrauded by manning agents,” said Steve Trowsdale, the ITF Inspectorate Coordinator.  “Our inspectors have long experience in identifying the illegal practices of dubious agents. We wanted to pass on that knowledge so seafarers can find good, reliable work.” Read more

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