Trenton Elsley




Trenton is the Executive Director of the Labour Research Service. He has a degree in Industrial Sociology and Political Studies. Trenton has conceptualised and implemented a range of interventions with trade unions and labour support organisations in South Africa and on the African Continent. Trenton’s chief interest is in the politics of trade union processes of organisation and representation, with a special interest in the contemporary organisation of work.


I believe that education in a variety of forms is key to the continuous renewal of the trade union movement and that IFWEA and its affiliates are important role players in the realisation of that vision. I take great inspiration from working with workers’ organisations and workers themselves, and I find regional, continental and international work especially profound. I bring fifteen years of dedication to research and education for workers to IFWEA. I bring an interest in the application of modern technologies to worker education, organising and representation. I would be an active and constructive member of the executive. I also have a wonderful sense of humour.