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Jul 13

Courses: IFWEA Secretariat and Affiliates supported by Secretariat

Courses directly offered by the IFWEA Secretariat, as well courses by IFWEA affiliates supported by the Secretariat, include workshops and study circles on topics ranging from climate change to migrant workers’ rights.

From February of 2021 through to November, courses have been ongoing with participants drawn from trade unions, worker educator NGOs and worker associations. IFWEA affiliates who are offering courses supported by the Secretariat include PLADES, ZCIEA, CENAC, CLASS Nepal, FSPMI, IDEA Cambodia, ISD, and IASEW. As well as the ever-popular course on Women in Leadership, the programme on the Ratification of C190 – Violence & Harassment in the workplace continues. Other courses include Workshops on Information for Collective Bargaining, Training of The Trainers: Digital Tools and Methods for Online Trade Union Activities, The Effects of Climate Change on the Poor and Protecting the rights of Migrant Workers, amongst others. To download the full schedule click here: IFWEA 2021 Education Programme

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