Sep 13

Ukraine: Regressive labour laws

The ITUC has written jointly with the ETUC to senior politicians in Ukraine to raise serious concerns about ongoing regressive labour reforms in the country. Several draft laws are being considered by the Verkhovna Rada (the Ukrainian parliament) that are incompatible with international and regional labour standards, which has been... read more →
Sep 07

C.190 WhatsApp group: ZCIEA

IFWEA E-Learning Developer Melanie Julie spoke to Dennis Maluwa from Zciea Zimbabwe who is part of the C.190 Study Circles. He started a C.190 Awareness WhatsApp group for educational and communication purposes, and it's working really well. To watch Dennis talk about it click here
Sep 07

Building digital skills, step by step

Fatou Diouf is a Project Coordinator with Public Services International (PSI), the global union federation of workers in public services. She is currently based in Dakar, Senegal. Fatou is one of 36 participants from 18 countries who have enrolled in the IFWEA Training of Trainers Course: Digital Tools and Methods... read more →
Aug 05

IFWEA Training of Trainers Course: Interview

36 participants from 18 countries have enrolled in the IFWEA Training of Trainers Course: Digital Tools and Methods for Conducting Online Trade Union Activities. The organisations participating are affiliates of three global Union federations – PSI, IDWF and IndustriALL. The course is facilitated by Saliem Patel, Melanie Julies, Renaldi Prinsloo... read more →
Aug 04
Aug 04

IFWEA affiliate ITF launches new web tool

A new web tool that will help seafarers looking for jobs avoid slippery manning agents and cunning scammers has been launched by IFWEA affiliate International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF).  gives those looking for work on cargo or cruise ships the kind of insight they need to negotiate sound contracts.... read more →
Jul 13

Courses: IFWEA Secretariat and Affiliates supported by Secretariat

Courses directly offered by the IFWEA Secretariat, as well courses by IFWEA affiliates supported by the Secretariat, include workshops and study circles on topics ranging from climate change to migrant workers' rights. From February of 2021 through to November, courses have been ongoing with participants drawn from trade unions, worker... read more →
Jul 09

UALE Hosts First Virtual Conference

From Mary Bellman, UALE President: Our U.S.- and Canadian-based comrades from the United Association for Labor Education (UALE) held their biennial conference from May 24-27, 2021 with over 200 participants joining from around the globe given the online format. The conference theme, Reimagining Workers’ Education to Transform the World, responded... read more →
Jul 07

Campaign for the recognition of the State of Palestine

The Campaign for the recognition of the State of Palestine brings together European, Israeli, and Palestinian civil society and trade union organisations to push for the recognition of the State of Palestine as the 194th full member of the United Nations (UN). Within two years, the 75th anniversaries of the... read more →
Jul 07

Innovations in Online Teaching

At the 2021 United Association for Labor Education (UALE) Conference in May this year, the four-day event was held online in both English and Spanish The theme for the conference was Reimagining Workers’ Education to Transform the World. The closing plenary was titled Innovations in Online Teaching: A Global Perspective and... read more →
Jun 24

Women’s Leadership Course for 2021

The Global Women's Leadership Course is a sixteen-hour course approved and certified by the IFWEA Online Academy. The course for 2021 is currently underway, with over 30 participants drawn from six countries - Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bolivia, India and Venezuela. Run by Namrata Bali, Director of the Self Employed Women’s... read more →
Jun 23

ILO conference adopts strong pandemic call to action

The International Labour Organization’s (ILO) annual International Labour Conference (ILC) has adopted a strong pandemic call to action. The plan, adopted with the unanimous support of government, trade union and employer representatives, fast-tracks implementation of the ILO Centenary Declaration. Read more
Jun 22

Call for contributions to Myanmar Strike Fund

The ITUC has set up a coordinated strike fund for distribution to Myanmar unions. Contributions will be distributed among workers and families who have lost their livelihoods due to strike or other protest actions and will cover people’s emergency needs, such as food, shelter, and medical care. Find out more
Jun 22

Call for more protests in Colombia

A month after protests began in Colombia, the national strike committee is calling for fresh demonstrations after the government refused to sign a preliminary agreement guaranteeing peaceful protests. IndustriALL stands by the Colombian people and condemns the state and government violence. Read more
Jun 07

Global Educators Development Forum

IFWEA will launch the Global Educators Development Forum in 2021. The aim is to build a cohort of skilled online educators. We will recruit from educators working with or for IFWEA affiliates and their partner organisations. The four-month Global Educators Development certificate course will feature a curated set of FSSC... read more →
Jun 07

Study Circles on Climate Change

IFWEA has launched its study circles on the effects of climate change on the poor, in May/June 2021. Three organisations are taking part on the programme – the Alliance for Zambia Informal Economy Associations (AZIEA), the Malawi Union for Informal Sector (MUFIS), and the Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Associations... read more →
Jun 01

StreetNet talks to FIWON

IFWEA affiliate StreetNet talks to Gbenga Komolafe, General Secretary of the  Federation of Informal Workers Organisation of Nigeria (FIWON) on their membership of over 700 community-based associations of informal economy workers from 27 Nigerian states. FIWON was formed on 18 June 2010. It was the result of several years of... read more →
May 21

HKCTU: Times of Turbulence, Our Call to Resistance

Workplaces have now become a place loaded with shifting and never-ending coercion. People of different professions have to tip-toe their way during work, the tension comparable to the Cultural Revolution. In the name of the pandemic, those in power are stripping away the freedoms of Hong Kong’s people. Read more
May 17

SOLIDAR releases statement on Palestine

SOLIDAR has expressed deep concern about “what is happening in the tormented land of Palestine.” SOLIDAR calls on the European Union and the heads of government who care about peace and coexistence between Palestinians and Israelis to take diplomatic and political action in the frame of the United Nations. Read... read more →
May 01

Quality and sustainable jobs

In commemorating May Day 2021, SOLIDAR celebrates the international workers’ movement and trade unions’ work to achieve social justice all around the world, and joins the call to make quality and sustainable jobs creation a central objective. Read more