May 23

AOF Norway gives cause to celebrate in solidarity!

IFWEA affiliate AOF Norway celebrated their 90th Jubilee by asking their member organisations to make a donation to IFWEA, rather than give them gifts. As a result, IFWEA has received a generous donation of NOK 227 500 (R300 000) from AOF Norway! Gro Svennebye, Deputy Chairman, AOF Norway explains how... read more →
May 17

Worker edutainment reaches thousands in Zimbabwe!

From February to April 2022 Patsimeredu Edutainment was commissioned by IFWEA to run a worker’s education programme, targeting workers on five farms and in five companies in and around Harare. The project was done in partnership with Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) and General Agriculture and Plantation Workers’ Union... read more →
May 17

Unions in solidarity with LGBTIQ workers

May 2022 - On 17 May 2022, International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, the ITUC stands in solidarity with LGBTIQ workers, reaffirming its commitment to building respect and dignity for all workers, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. Despite progress and many achievements, homophobia and... read more →
May 10
May 07

Britt Baatjes designs for WIEGO

Britt Baatjes is currently on a contract with the WIEGO School, and decided to sign up for How to Design an Online Course with IFWEA. She speaks about her experience:  How did you get involved in the course? I got a contract with WIEGO in February 2022 to coordinate the... read more →
May 03

ITUC calls on trade unions to stand for peace this May Day

May 2022 - ITUC statement: “With Russia’s illegal and brutal invasion of Ukraine, armed conflicts are being fought in every region of the world. Some 60 conflicts are happening now, with millions of victims. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost in Tigray and Yemen alone. In recent years,... read more →
Mar 30

StreetNet appeals for aid to Ukraine informal workers

March 2022 - Since the full scale Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, 2022, StreetNet International, a global alliance of street vendors in over 50 countries, and an affiliate of IFWEA, has been in constant communication with the leadership of their affiliate, the Free Trade Union of Entrepreneurs... read more →
Mar 19

Oksana Abboud speaks on Ukraine

How do you organise when your country is invaded and your colleagues, your friends and your family are all in danger? Oksana Abboud from StreetNet International talks to us: “Our life has stopped and we are living in the moment. We cannot plan anything, the uncertainty is the worst. This... read more →
Mar 10

IFWEA affiliates make statements on Ukraine war

February/March 2022 - A number of IFWEA affiliates have issued statements condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the subsequent effect on workers and their families: TRANSPORT WORKERS PROTEST Defiant dock workers around the globe are refusing to touch Russian fuel in an effort to protest the country's bloody invasion... read more →
Mar 01

Update the list: Businesses aiding illegal settlements in Palestine

February 2022 - The ITUC has launched a petition calling on the United Nations human rights chief to urgently update the two-year-old database of companies operating illegally in Israeli settlements on Palestinian land. In February 2020, the UN Human Rights Office published the database of enterprises.  It was welcomed for exposing... read more →
Feb 22

2022 IFWEA Courses

IFWEA courses for 2022 include training on digital tools and methods, and participatory online pedagogy.  We also have new and updated self-paced courses offering admin skills, how to use OLA and more. Below you can find more information on the courses, when they will run, how long they will take,... read more →
Jan 19

IFWEA’s Melanie Julie speaks to DGB Bildungswerk

January 2022 - IFWEA e-learning developer Melanie Julie (pictured) spoke to DGB Bildungswerk about the recent training sessions on Digital Tools and Methods for Conducting Online Trade Union Activities. The article appeared in the DGB Bildungswerk newsletter: With the advance of the Corona pandemic, countless union education projects around the... read more →
Nov 17
Nov 01

New WEA Impact Report 2021: Community learning improves life chances

The new Impact 2021 report  from  The WEA, the UK’s the UK’s largest voluntary sector provider of adult education, reveals the extent community learning helps adults improve their employability and life chances.  It  highlights the importance of learning to boost career prospects but warns that vulnerable adults who don’t have this access... read more →
Oct 21

Lucy Hewes from WEA: Adapting for online teaching

Lucy Hewes is a tutor with IFWEA-affiliated the WEA (Workers' Educational Association) in the UK. Earlier this year she won the WEA award for Digitally Innovative Teaching, focusing on how she adapted her classes once the Covid-19 pandemic struck. Lucy had been delivered a variety of sewing and textile courses... read more →
Oct 07

Celebrating 10 Years of YGAP

IFWEA's unique Youth Globalisation Awareness Programme (YGAP) turns ten in 2021. Each year, young staff members drawn from IFWEA affiliates or associated labour organisations have come to Cape Town, South Africa to be immersed in a learning experience that includes passionate, participative workshops, and internships at host organisations. For many,... read more →
Sep 27

25 years of Indian Academy For Self Employed Women (IASEW)

IFWEA affiliate Indian Academy For Self Employed Women (IASEW), popularly known as SEWA Academy, celebrates 25 years in 2021. IASEW has played a vital, dynamic and participative role in providing education and training for women in the informal sector for a quarter of a century. It is an organisation of... read more →
Sep 22

HKCTU to disband due to repression

The Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU), Hong Kong's largest pro-democracy union coalition, is to disband, citing fears for safety as a major reason. Members of the HKCTU had received messages in recent days making them feel they could face threats to their physical safety if they continue operations,... read more →
Sep 13

Sahra Ryklief: Lessons Learned in Transnational Solidarity

IFWEA General Secretary Sahra Ryklief has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged unions to re-energize and re-tool for today’s global ‘new normal.’ Unions must advocate not only for workers’ rights but act in solidarity with broader struggles for equality and social justice. The essay, released on 30 August 2021, is... read more →
Sep 13