Sep 26

Militant campaign for decent work

September 2023, Asian Labour Review - Logistics and transportation workers are among the most militant workers in the world. By exercising their disruptive power to stop the flow of goods and services during strikes, they have the capacity to paralyse whole industries and show immense power. But realizing such power... read more →
Aug 28
Aug 24

Women still struggle to access equal employment

August 2023 - The pursuit of decent employment and equal opportunities for women is a crucial aspect of gender equality and social development. The barriers and challenges that women face in accessing the same employment opportunities as men can have far-reaching implications for both their personal lives and the broader... read more →
Aug 07

Muhammad Tajammal Aziz from LEF and Digital Skills

Muhammad Tajammal Aziz joined the Labour Education Foundation (LEF) in Pakistan as a project coordinator and since then has been working with the brick-kiln workers community, a vulnerable labour sector working under bonded circumstances (although the Bonded Labour System Abolition Act 1992 prohibits all forms of modern slavery). He is... read more →
Jul 10

Training for Trainers with Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos has run a Training for Trainers course to promote alliances for a Just Energy Transition, aimed at participants from Latin America.  The course was developed by Programa Laboral de Desarrollo (PLADES) with the educational support of Hernan Benitez, PLADES Chief Education Officer. Juan Carlos speaks about the process and... read more →
Jul 09

YGAP 2023 Bursaries

IFWEA is holding a bursary competition for YGAP 2023. Four bursaries are available which will cover course fees, air travel, meals, and accommodation for the immersive YGAP experience which will take place between 9 and 20 September 2023 in Cape Town, South Africa. In order to enter the competition, you... read more →
Jun 28

ITF joins ILGA World in Pride Month

June 2023 - To coincide with Pride Month in June 2023, IFWEA affiliate the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) has joined ILGA World, the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association. In a statement, ITF said: "The ITF’s affiliation is part of our rock-solid commitment to recognising, defending and... read more →
Jun 03

The 24th International General Conference of IFWEA

The 24th international General Conference of IFWEA will take place in Cape Town, South Africa, between Monday 4 December to Friday 8 December 2023. The theme of the 24th General Conference will be “Education for Empowerment”. IFWEA’s highest decision making body is the international General Conference, which meets every four... read more →
May 28

IFWEA speaks to Pat Horn of StreetNet

IFWEA affiliate StreetNet celebrates 20 years in 2023. We spoke to founder Pat Horn, based in Durban, South Africa, about the inspiration for starting the organisation, and she shares her experiences and learnings:  You are the founder of StreetNet, together with founding administrator Nozipho Lembethe. What was the inspiration for... read more →
May 15

Círculos de Estudio de IFWEA – PLADES

Rocío Campana Campos - PERÚ Círculos de Estudio de IFWEA – PLADES  Actualmente estoy a cargo de la Coordinación y Facilitación de los Círculos de Estudio de IFWEA en Perú, ejecutados por PLADES (Programa Laboral de Desarrollo).  Desde el año 2020 se viene desarrollando el Círculo sobre el C190 OIT... read more →
May 09

Study Circles in Peru: A successful collective experience

Rocío Campana Campos from PLADES (Programa Laboral de Desarrollo) in Peru writes about her experience with IFWEA Study Circles: I am currently in charge of the Coordination and Facilitation of IFWEA Study Circles in Peru, executed by PLADES (Programa Laboral de Desarrollo).  Since 2020, the study circle on the ILO’s... read more →
Apr 29

May Day 2023: a new social contract for all

May 2023 - May Day 2023 provides  a moment to reflect on the enormous challenges to people and the planet, says ITUC in a statement - "challenges that can only be overcome with a vibrant trade union movement at the heart of the economy and society, and a new social... read more →
Apr 24
WIEGO stands in solidarity with Elizabeth Tang

IDWF, WIEGO stand in solidarity with Elizabeth Tang

April 2023 - On 9 March 2023, Elizabeth Tang, General Secretary of the International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF), was arrested by the Chinese National Security Police under allegations of endangering national security. She remains out on bail until 24 April as the police continue their investigation. Alongside the IDWF, WIEGO... read more →
Apr 07

BWI call for release of Mynmar trade unionists

March/April 2023 - The Building and Wood Workers' International (BWI) is immensely vocal in its condemnation of the military junta's atrocities against trade unionists in Myanmar. In a desperate effort to hold onto power and crush the democratic resistance, the military junta has been systematically persecuting Myanmar's broad trade union... read more →
Apr 06

Using Instant Messaging to empower women negotiators

IFWEA affiliate StreetNet facilitated a course for women negotiators members of their affiliate organization SLeTU, based in Sierra Leone. The goal of these courses, which have been run for several years, is to strengthen the capacity of members and affiliates to interact with authorities and institutions. However, this was the first... read more →
Mar 27

Women at forefront of French protests

March 2023 - Protests are often "testosterone-fuelled events", as the Guardian newspaper puts it, but women are at the forefront of current pension protests in France. With childcare and more part-time jobs, France’s women have to work longer for smaller pensions than their male colleagues, and their anger is rising.... read more →
Mar 01

Tracy Adhiambo – using ICT skills to build capacity

Tracy Adhiambo is a secretary for the Amalgamated Union of Kenya Metal Workers. Last year she was part of a youth group that received strategic ICT training from IFWEA through a collaboration with IndustriALL. Part of the training involved learning how to make a database for Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs)... read more →
Feb 28

ITUC continues to stand by Ukraine

February 2023 - "One year since it launched its illegal and brutal invasion of Ukraine, Russia’s campaign of murder and terror against the Ukrainian people continues, with the complicity of Belarus." So says the ITUC in a statement released to coincide with the marking of a year since the brutal... read more →
Feb 16

Nina Langit-Garcia joins the IFWEA team

Nina Langit-Garcia is based in the Philippines, and she joins the IFWEA Secretariat as an Educator/Online Education Assistant. We asked Nina how she came to be involved in workers’ education, and what she is looking forward to this year: Tell us a bit about your background, and how you came... read more →
Jan 31

Release Belarus trade union leaders and activists

January 2023 - Leaders of independent trade unions have been sentenced by a court in Belarus to  harsh prison terms up to nine years on politically motivated charges. At least 16 leaders and activists of independent unions have already been sentenced to lengthy prison terms or restriction of freedom. This... read more →