May 15

Monicah Gachuki: Organising during a strike

Monicah Gachuki is the National Organiser for The Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU), which recently was on strike for 56 days since March 2024. The strike was recently ended, and Monicah, who has previously trained with IFWEA/ILO on E-Learning and Digital Communication, speaks about her role in... read more →
Apr 10

Enough is Enough – Let’s Talk Hazards

April 2024 - Building and Wood Workers International (BWI) is calling on workers, trade unions and employers to focus on addressing the risks leading to worker fatalities in various sectors. International Workers' Memorial Day 2024, observed on 28 April, highlights the ongoing challenge of work-related accidents and diseases despite the... read more →
Apr 09

Japhet Shida speaks about the IFWEA POP certificate course

Japhet Shida from Kenya has recently completed the IFWEA Popular Online Pedagogy (POP) certificate course, which is made up of three components: Education for Empowerment,  How to Design an Online Course, and How to Conduct a Study Circle. He speaks about his experience, and how he will use these new... read more →
Mar 26

Keeping hope for democracy alive in Myanmar

March 2024 - Despite enduring immense hardship and repression from the military junta in Myanmar, unionists, public sector workers, and teachers persistently resist military rule and advocate for democracy. Emphasizing the steadfastness of union opposition to the military leadership, multiple Global Union Federations, such as Education International, have published a... read more →
Mar 04

ITUC launches For Democracy campaign

February/March 2024 - In an historic year when more than four billion people will go to the polls, the ITUC has launched its For Democracy campaign, aiming to unify the power of working people towards a trade union vision for democracy. ITUC General Secretary Luc Triangle said: “Democracy around the... read more →
Feb 29

Palestine: Global Unions Call for Unified Action

February 2024 - Statement by the Council of Global Unions: The Global Unions signatory note the International Court of Justice (ICJ) Order issued in the case filed by South Africa against Israel regarding the application of the Genocide Convention in the Gaza Strip, which demonstrates the vital importance of the... read more →
Jan 14

A safe space for the Trans and Queer worker community

Bhoomi Harendran is the Executive Director of the National Transgender Network Trust of Sri Lanka. They are currently based in Colombo, but work all around the country with the collaboration of other civil society organisations, to make sure that all community members have equal rights and the opportunity to live... read more →
Nov 28

Ibtikar leads the way with Palestinian Puppets Programme

IFWEA affiliate Ibtikar, based in Palestine, has embarked on a unique project. The Palestinian Puppets project, is part of the initiative "Increased Economic Opportunities and Improved Livelihood for Fragile Communities along the Palestinian Heritage Trail (PH Trail) in The West Bank." Sulaima Ramadan from Ibtikar tells us more about the... read more →
Nov 28

Ratify C190 in the fight against discrimination

November 2023 - The issue of violence and harassment based on gender, often associated with power misuse and economic control, is a result of the uneven power dynamic between the genders. Despite the commitment of unions to fight all types of discrimination, with numerous unions prioritising equality policies, it's crucial... read more →
Nov 09

2023 Study Circle Presentations

On Wednesday 25 October 2023, IFWEA hosted a webinar covering 16 countries and 19 organisations who participated in the Study Circles for Social Change programme in 2023. Topics included a focus on C190, Climate Change, and Migrant Rights. Each organisation made a presentation on what they had achieved, including social... read more →
Oct 31

Call to “Make Amazon Pay”

October 2023 - As the world's sixth largest company, Amazon has long been under scrutiny for its exploitative and destructive practices in the name of maximizing profits. From the mistreatment of its warehouse workers to the destruction of local ecosystems, the company's actions have had a huge social and environmental... read more →
Oct 10

Free video series on climate transition

IFWEA, in partnership with SOLIDAR and the Olof Palme International Center, has released a series of seven videos on the theme of a just transition. The videos are based on the training manual titled Organising for a just transition to a climate friendly economy. The series was developed as part... read more →
Sep 26

Militant campaign for decent work

September 2023, Asian Labour Review - Logistics and transportation workers are among the most militant workers in the world. By exercising their disruptive power to stop the flow of goods and services during strikes, they have the capacity to paralyse whole industries and show immense power. But realizing such power... read more →
Aug 28
Aug 24

Women still struggle to access equal employment

August 2023 - The pursuit of decent employment and equal opportunities for women is a crucial aspect of gender equality and social development. The barriers and challenges that women face in accessing the same employment opportunities as men can have far-reaching implications for both their personal lives and the broader... read more →
Aug 07

Muhammad Tajammal Aziz from LEF and Digital Skills

Muhammad Tajammal Aziz joined the Labour Education Foundation (LEF) in Pakistan as a project coordinator and since then has been working with the brick-kiln workers community, a vulnerable labour sector working under bonded circumstances (although the Bonded Labour System Abolition Act 1992 prohibits all forms of modern slavery). He is... read more →
Jul 10

Training for Trainers with Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos has run a Training for Trainers course to promote alliances for a Just Energy Transition, aimed at participants from Latin America.  The course was developed by Programa Laboral de Desarrollo (PLADES) with the educational support of Hernan Benitez, PLADES Chief Education Officer. Juan Carlos speaks about the process and... read more →
Jul 09

YGAP 2023 Bursaries

IFWEA is holding a bursary competition for YGAP 2023. Four bursaries are available which will cover course fees, air travel, meals, and accommodation for the immersive YGAP experience which will take place between 9 and 20 September 2023 in Cape Town, South Africa. In order to enter the competition, you... read more →
Jun 28

ITF joins ILGA World in Pride Month

June 2023 - To coincide with Pride Month in June 2023, IFWEA affiliate the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) has joined ILGA World, the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association. In a statement, ITF said: "The ITF’s affiliation is part of our rock-solid commitment to recognising, defending and... read more →
Jun 03

The 24th International General Conference of IFWEA

The 24th international General Conference of IFWEA will take place in Cape Town, South Africa, between Monday 4 December to Friday 8 December 2023. The theme of the 24th General Conference will be “Education for Empowerment”. IFWEA’s highest decision making body is the international General Conference, which meets every four... read more →