John Meinert Jacobsen


John Meinert Jacobsen


John Meinhert Jacobsen has been the Secretary General of AOF in Denmark since 2006. AOF is the workers’ education organisation in Denmark. Part of the purpose of the AOF is to work for International Solidarity. As such, he has been actively involved in the ABF Norden, where he chairs the Nordic countries’ overall efforts towards workers’ educational needs. John serves as the President of the Nordic Folk High School in Geneva, and through the Ministry of Justice, is the person who represents the Danes in press ethical issues and cases. This is because AOF is part of a public information concept, which means that AOF also has a democratic responsibility in its purpose.


A primary goal of AOF Denmark is to work for international affairs concerning workers’ rights and enlighten the Danish population with an international perspective on these matters.

I therefore seek nomination, because I would like to contribute to further strengthening of IFWEA in general and in particular make sure that IFWEA continues to be relevant and represented in the European region.