Isabelle Palanchon

Executive Member

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Isabelle Palanchon holds Master’s degree in Youth Work and a Master’s degree in Social Economy Company Management. She has been involved in CEMEA since 2001, working on projects in the field of education, social intervention and community development. Responsible for the international department in a regional unit of CEMEA till 2013, she is now the Head of the International and European Department of CEMEA at national level.

Isabelle co-ordinates international projects linked with recognition of non-formal education, intercultural dialogue and capacity building for civil society. She leads a national working group concerned with the recognition of social competences and non-formal learning developed in European mobility in vocational training.

She represents CEMEA on the platform EAICY (European Association of Institutions of Non-formal Education of Children and Youth) and has been involved with SOLIDAR since 2013. She is the co-ordinator of the European zone of FICEMEA (International Federation of CEMEA). Her work focuses on two main issues: the recognition of non-formal education/non-formal and informal learnings, and alternative social practices in Europe.